CinCor is a clinical stage cardiorenal therapeutics company with a novel clinical-stage candidate, CIN-107, that we believe has the potential to dramatically expand therapeutic options for patients suffering from hypertension and its associated risks. CIN-107 also has the potential to treat other diseases where aldosterone plays a significant role in their pathogenesis. Despite decades of understanding the importance of controlling hypertension and the availability of multiple approved therapies, a significant number of US adults have uncontrolled blood pressure listed as a primary or secondary cause of death each year. We view the evidence for the benefits of reducing blood pressure as overwhelming and is supported by the medical community’s recommendations to drive blood pressure to even lower levels. Yet the current standard of care has evolved very little over recent decades while millions of people fail to reach targeted blood pressure levels. We believe we can change this with CIN-107.

CIN-107 is a highly selective aldosterone synthase inhibitor, which impedes the enzyme responsible for the synthesis of aldosterone in the adrenal gland. Aldosterone is part of the renin angiotensin-aldosterone system (RAAS) with a primary function to regulate both electrolyte and volume balance.


Our goal is to develop and commercialize CIN-107 for treatment in all populations where increased blood pressure control brought about by reducing aldosterone levels has the potential to improve overall health. In parallel with the conduct of clinical trials to receive marketing approval for treating hypertensive patients, CinCor will pursue indications for the treatment of primary aldosteronism (PA) and to slow the progression of chronic kidney disease (CKD).

And while we work to demonstrate the effectiveness of CIN-107 in our chosen indications, we remain focused on treating patients whose condition is resistant to current regimens and prevent them from achieving their blood pressure goals.


The people behind CinCor Pharma are not only experienced, they’re phenomenal.

Marc de Garidel,

30 years of experience in the global pharmaceutical industry. Most recently CEO of AZTherapies.

Jonathan Isaacsohn, MD

30 years of experience developing hundreds of drugs from protocol design to global submissions. Co-founder and EVP at Medpace Inc. (MEDP). Most recently CMO of Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Catherine Pearce, DHSc

20 years of experience in pharmaceutical clinical development, business development and R&D. Most recently Vice President of Research and Development at Teva Pharmaceuticals.


Brian Murphy, MD, MPH

15 years of experience in clinical trial and drug development as an academic investigator and Vice President of Medical Affairs at Medpace.

Mary Bond, MS, MBA
VP Clinical Pharmacology

25 years of industry experience in early clinical development, leading numerous clinical pharmacology programs for both small and large molecules. Most recently Director of Clinical Pharmacology at Teva Pharmaceuticals.

Justin Thompson, MS, Corporate
Development and Finance

15 years of experience in corporate development and finance. Most recently a Principal investor at CincyTech Ventures.

Brendan Doran, PharmD
Sr. Director Clinical Operations

12 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry and clinical pharmacy practice. Most recently Associate Director of Operations in Regulatory & Scientific Affairs at CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting.


Mackenzie Pater, PhD
Sr. Director Clinical Operations

10 years of experience in clinical trial and drug development. Most recently Clinical Project Manager at CTI Clinical Trial & Consulting.

Board Members

James Healy, MD, PhD

Sofinnova Investments, Chairman

David Allison, PhD

5AM Ventures, Director

August Troendle, MD

Medpace, Director

Maina Bhaman, MBA

Sofinnova Partners, Director

Jon Isaacsohn, MD

CinCor, Director

Marc de Garidel

CinCor, Director

John F. Thero

Amarin Corporation, Director

Troy Ignelzi

Karuna Therapeutics, Director

Scientific Advisory Board

Mason W. Freeman, MD

Harvard Medical School

Suzanne Oparil, MD, FACC, FAHA, FASH, FAPS

University of Alabama at Birmingham

Ulrich Granzer, PhD

Granzer Regulatory Consulting

Morris Brown

Queen Mary University of London

Philip T. Sager, MD, FACC, FAHA, FHRS

Stanford University School of Medicine